Cannondale Dutchess – Na, wo kommt das Design wohl her?

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cannondaleCannondale teases with the Dutchess

Carlton Reid Nov 16 2009, 6:09pm

The spelling is a clue to what kind of bike the concept Dutchess might be

Just like the big car companies, Cannondale is good at releasing info on concept models. At Interbike, it teased with the Simon digital suspension platform. Now the company has released pix on what Cannondale calls the „future of urban mobility.“

The Cannondale Dutchess is a result of the final year graduation project of Wytze van Mansum, from the Delft University of Technology.

„Designed for women keen to express their style amongst the fast paced and ever changing urban vibe, the Dutchess brings modern lines to the environmentally conscious whilst at the same time offering longevity and low maintenance,“ said a company statement.   

The rear mudguard acts as a structural part of the frame, supporting the carrier with a load of up to 50kg.  The arch connects the bicycle from the handlebars to the tail-light.

Aus Holland natürlich. Aus Delft, um genau zu sein.

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