Moo MiniCards hacken

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As you know, we’ve updated the features on MiniCards. You can upload an image for the front and the back – and there are some other neat features too. On the MiniCards page, you’ll find some images of real cards. Ones our customers have made – like these, from Perch:

We contacted Perch after seeing their cards at dConstruct, a conference in Brighton. We liked them so much, we wondered what they’d do with the new features we had planned for MiniCards. The cards above are the ones they made, and this is the story behind them.

Tolle Geschichte. Und wieder ein Anreiz, mal – ich sag’s jetzt – __um die Ecke zu denken__.

Was macht man, wenn man Kupons mit Codes produzieren möchte? Man druckt die Codes als Bilder auf Moo Cards.

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