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Datum: 12. Januar 2010 16:13:37 MEZ
Betreff: USB Heating Gloves

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January 12, 2010

USB Heating Gloves

As you sit and type and shiver
Don’t raise the thermostat
Instead try warming just your hands
Plug in gloves to game and chat!

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

You know what they say: the colder your hands, the more toasty you are on the inside. But just because you’re a softie, doesn’t mean your fingers have to be icicles!

  • USB Heating Gloves simply plug into your computer’s USB port and convert the energy into heat through a pack hidden inside, much in the same way that electric blankets work.
  • The glove design allows fingertips to peek through for ease of use and maximum flexibility at the keyboard.
  • Whether you shiver at the office, work from home or spend long nights gaming or blogging your love for Team Edward, simply plug in these puppies to save money and energy, rather than upping your thermostat.
  • Low power consumption makes these gloves a must for any sustainable office or home and the low price makes them a fabulous any-time gift for just about anyone. offers a comfortable wool design USB heating glove with two levels of heating.

Mostly clicking at your computer? USB Mouse Pad Warmers, blankets and slippers are also available.


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Open it to the sun, plug in your gear and power up miles from the nearest outlet.


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