CYCLE TREE: Super-Fahrrad-Parkstation

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CYCLE TREE: Multi-level Mechanical Bicycle Parking System

Environmental Industries Engineering Division

This is an innovative mechanical parking system for bicycles. It is a fully automated system that enables simple and speedy entry/exit of a large number of bicycles in a limited space. It insures safety by „man-machine separating concept“, or by separating a user from movable area of parking machine.
By providing various detectors and devices at the entry/exit area, it further achieves user safety. For example, a sensor is provided at the bicycle entry point; this perceives arrival of the bicycle on the point and its signal makes the parking system ready for bicycle entry. Two safety bars are installed in front of the entry gate, which prevent entering of the user into the gate.

·Excellent Product Award by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (2007)

·JFE installed the largest number of mechanical bicycle parking systems in Japan (as of September 2009).
·JFE installed a large number of the systems near the train station areas that require frequent parking of many users.
·For construction of underground parking systems, special method is applied to secure water-tightness and earthquake resistance.
·IC tag system enables speedy location of the bicycle, and convenience for short time users is considered.

Project Record

Examples: Underground Parking Systems
Kasai Station Bicycle Parking Lot (Tokyo)
Kasai Station Bicycle Parking Lot (Tokyo)
Capacity 6,480 bicycles in Cycle Tree storage spaces, 9,400 bicycles in total
Start of Operation 2008
Type & Structure Mechanical underground parking system
18 bicycles/rack x 10 racks x 36 stations (21 in the east, 15 in the west)
·Largest underground mechanical parking system in the world
·“Urban Ring“ construction method was applied to secure excellent water-tightness and earthquake resistance within a short construction period
Motokajicho Bicycle Parking Lot (Sendai)


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